Let's create something together

Drawing is a way to express ourselves without barriers.
We're a team of scenographers, engineers and artists willing to make people draw together.


100% Customisable

From the physical installation to the visual style of the artpiece, everything can be customised prior to the event to meet your needs.
We design custom experiences for every event we make.

Up to 100+ Users at the same time

With our cutting edge realtime technology we can handle hundreds of drawers simultaneously with no lag of any sort.

User Friendly

Our tool has been designed with ease of use from the start.
No need to install a dedicated app. It works for everyone seamlessly, on every Android and Apple devices, through the web browser.

No cellular network ? No problem.

The Live Drawing Project can run online or offline, depending on your needs.

Keep control

Collaborative creation can lead to inappropriate behaviours.
Our moderation tools gives us the capacity to remove any inappropriate drawing instantly, and if needed to blacklist users entirely.


Nouvelles Passions Chevagny
Festi Lumi Bonifacio
LabLab 2.0 Inauguration Party
Peinture Fraiche Festival
Shab x Live Drawing Project
Live Performance at the LabLab
Lyon Lights Festival