Interactive Drawing Projections.

Draw with your phone

Open our website and start drawing with your fingers.
Everyone draw at the same time!

Your drawing is videoprojected

Join a a large collaborative canvas with everyone's drawings. The canvas keeps evolving all the time. Draw as much as you want. Express yourself!

Projection visible en Livestream sur les réseaux sociaux

Get inspired by the bests

We invite your favorite artists to perform in live.
Draw alongside them!

Draw From Home

Can't go out?
Join the others on our livestream and send your drawings remotely!

Projection visible en Livestream sur les réseaux sociaux

300,000 drawings from all over the world

We receive thousands of drawings at each event. More than 60,000 participants of all ages have already drawn with us.


Human Rights Festival
Remote performance
Dec 2022
Summer at the Radome
Mapping & Live Set
Aug 2022
Festi Lumi 2022
Monumental Mapping
Jul 2022
Nuit des idées
Workshop & Mapping
May 2022
Dessine En Lumières
Vidéoprojections de quartier
Feb 2022
Bron Lights Festival
Dec 2021
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