Culture Night

Cross-Country Mapping
September 18, 2020

Facade Videoprojection in Dublin


For Culture Night, an annual Irish event, we videoprojected on the National Gallery of Dublin and at the Irish Cultural Center in Paris simultaneously. Participants were able to see their drawings on both sides, creating exchanges between France and Ireland. The drawings origin countries were displayed on the projection.

During the event, 8 illustrators used our performance platform to draw on the walls from their home. Their drawings appeared in real time, stroke by stroke, in Dublin and in Paris.

The whole event was livestreamed on social medias to let people participate from home.

We operated the Dublin part of this event remotely from France.


French Embassy in Ireland
Culture Night
Irish Cultural Center


John Beattie
Stephen Brandes
Vaida Varnagiene
Tomm Moore
Dorothée de Monfreid
Fala Buggy
Claire Prouvost
Sarah Ward

Photos: Courtesy of French Embassy in Ireland – Dora Kazmierak

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