Light Fest at the Window

Lockdown initiative
December 5, 2020

A light festival at the window, from home, together

Picture of the event

The lockdown measures in France brought the famous Light Festival of Lyon 2020 to an halt.

As an alternative, we launched with the city's inhabitants and local artists a large movement of neighborhood videoprojections. A videomapping show has been videoprojected simultaneously in a 100 locations all around the city. We videoprojected our collective drawing installation and the visuals of 18 local artists.

Our technology

This event was made possible thanks to our decentralised videomapping technology. From home, we took control of a 100 videoprojectors simultaneously, showing our drawing installation, images and videos. Our tool let the inhabitants to videoproject from their window even without prior knowledge in videomapping. Interested in our technology ? Reach us

Thank you to the local artists

Déambulations - Janine Martin Prades
Intérieur Nuit - Trouble Collectif
Joyeuses Fêtes - Robin
Loopings - Francis Malapris
Shuffle Dance - 4cutprod
Lumen - Julien Menzel
Burning Love - Clémentine Breed
Montgolfières - Eugénie Lichet
Dessins au trait - Esthelle Froid
Créatures - Marta Daeuble
Aurora - Gain Scenography
The Mouth - Emilien
Bouquets - Clarisse Garcia
Dessins de confinement - Lucas Servoz
Peintures - Maëlle Valantin
Illustrations - EC Concept Design Planets - VJ Paulicorne Humanlapse - Maxime Touroute

Thank you to our communication channels

Thank you to all the volunteers

Thank you Sandrine, Marion Delous, David Pauzon, Pauline, Elsa et Pierre, Roxane, Amélie, Léa, Jerome, Enzo, Thomas, Justine, Marieke, Léa, gaspard, Juliette, Ludovic, Marie, Lucas, olivier, Jacques, Clémence & Pierre-Nicolas, Lucie, Pierre et Anne-Charlène, Jean, Florent, Julien, Philippe, Jean-Philippe, Benjamin, Florent, Maria, Florian, Pierre, Mélanie, Eric, yann, Marion, Jérôme, Marion, Margot, Mat, Coralyne, Blanche, Esthelle, Sandrine, Marie-Alix, Olivier, Nadege, Arnaud, Cindy, Mélanie, Marie laure, Margot, Kim, Diane, lambert, Camille, Marion, Jean-Francois, Guillaume, Eddy, Fanny, Maëlle, Thomas, Irène, Audrey, Charlène, Andrew, Yên, Marielle, Anne-Sophie, Evy, Agathe, Colin, Fabienne, Sylvie, Mathias, Sébastien, Laurence, florent, Océane, Nabila, Laura, Faustine, Sébastien, Guillaume, Anouk, Elodie, Victoire, Damien, Antoine, Ariane, Raffaella, Jerome, Philippe, Maxime, Louis, Maxime.

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