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Solidary Initiative
April 1May 15, 2020

This event is now over. A big thank you to all the participants!

Original event article:

Let's draw together on city walls all over the world!

Lockdown measures brought all social and cultural activities to a halt. To tackle this we offer to share together a drawing session every Sunday evening. Join the movement and videoproject on a wall drawings made by you and your neigbors on their phones. You can draw with all other participants around the world and send your supportive messages.

We exhibited every Sunday at 9PM.

Picture of a videoprojection on the 26th of April

How does it work?

Participants are invited to draw freely on their phone without downloading an app:

  1. They go on this website and access the drawing interface
  2. They finger draw directly on their phone screen
  3. They send their drawings. Drawings join the videoprojection instantly

Drawings travel between locations connecting people and creating a collective artwork evolving with upcoming drawings.

How does it work

How to participate ?

If you have a videoprojector you can join the movement. We are currently more than 25 volunteers across multiple cities. To join us, fill the form and we will reach you:

  • The form is no longer available

6 nights of video projections between April and May

Since the lockdown started we made more than 9500 drawings with 560 participants in 30 locations across 10 cities.

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Thank you to all the volunteers

Thank you Gilles, David, Alain, Yannick, Livia, Josselin, Aurélie, Romain, Aurélien, Marion, Harold, Yann, Anne, Théo, Julien, Vincent, Nicolas, Monsieur Nuage, Colin, Georges, Victor, Charles, Dorian, Corentin, Lilian, Francis, Emeric, Maxime, Maxime et Louis for joining this adventure!

Thank you to our partners and communication channels


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