Drawing is a way to express ourselves without barriers.

L'équipe Live Drawing qui contrôle une projection

We are a team of scenographers, engineers and artists from Lyon, France.
We're developing interactive installations with the audience at the core.

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What we do



Drawing - Mapping



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No participants limit

With our cutting edge realtime technology we can handle thousands of drawers simultaneously so everyone can participate without waiting.

Covid Proof

Travel Restrictions?
The videoprojection can be installed and operated entirely remotely without us coming on site.

Gathering restrictions?
We livestream the event and people can also draw from home.

Invite your community to videoproject from their window. See our lockdown example

We come on site

As an artistic team, we come to meet the audience and animate the projection ourselves.


We invite professional illustrators to draw and meet with the audience.

Super User Friendly

Our drawing tool has been designed with ease of use from the start.
No need to install a dedicated app. People draw on their mobile web browser. Drawings appear instantly on the projection.

Easy to set-up

Our technical sheet is minimal: a projector, and an electric socket. That's it!

Multiple Locations

We made a technology to project in multiple locations simultaneously. Drawings travel between locations letting participants exhange through drawings. Our record : 100 simultaneous projections.


Our moderation tools gives us the capacity to remove any inappropriate drawing instantly and block participants entirely.


We choose together drawing themes, drawing colors, and the best set design to engage your audience fully.
We create custom experiences for every event we make.

No network ? No problem.

The Live Drawing Project can run online and also offline.

They trust us

Our Values

Inclusive for all audiences

By designing installations in which participating is easy and accessible.

Unlock talents

With an intuitive drawing interface where everyone takes pleasure to draw whatever the skills.

Connect people

With a collective canvas where everyone react to others' drawings, creating surprise and the desire to surprise others.

Tell stories

By drawing on engaging, fun and meaningful thematics, questioning the world we live in.

Create magical moments

With real-time interactions, compositions to make each drawing stand out, and professional illustrators performing alongside the audience.

This website does not steal your personal data.

Proudly made in Lyon, France